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 The Jokes Over

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PostSubject: The Jokes Over   The Jokes Over Icon_minitimeWed Dec 05, 2007 7:04 pm

The arena is pitch black the crowd is silent then the darkness is lifted with that all to familer music and pyros. SoD is in the building

The crowds starts booing and chants of SoD sucks start around the arena.

Commentator 1: OH what does this bunch of thugs want?

Commentator 2: SHHHH they might hear you and we wont be invited to there next party ohh puppies sweet puppies.

commentator 1: Maddog has a mic guess we are about to find out... hey whats in that postage sack?

The SoD stop on the stage standing in total silence the Maddog starts to speak. The crowd chants trying to drown out Maddogs voice...

Well Cam and Downer you are very funny guys very good commedians its a shame that your wrestlimg ability is not up to your commedy act...

the crowd chants get louder mixed with VOTE CAM and DOWNER

Well the laugther is about to stop the game is over its time to enter my theater of pain.

The crowd reaches an all time pitch VOTE CAM VOTE CAM DOWNER DOWNER

you see when i got here there was a problem myself and hellboy realised what that problem was. so we got rid of the problem or so we thought but our problem is like one of those things you find in a toilet bowl. You know no matter how much you flush it just wont go down. Well this time it will open the sack boys.

UG and covell untie the sack a very beaten slayer is inside he is barely concious.

a stunned silence befalls the crowd as covell and UG hold slayer up a gleam forms in Maddogs eye.

slayer i recall you said no more mr nice guy HAHAHAAA how true you are.

Maddog lifts slayer up in the power bomb posiyion the dumps him over the stage onto a bunch of tables a sicking crunch is heard throughout the arena. Maddog stand looking down at the carnage as the rest of SoD start congratulating each other on a job well down mimicing slayers desent to the tables.

commentator 1:OH my thats just sick Maddog could have ended slayers chareer.

commentator 2: I think he just sent a message to everybody that SoD means bussiness.

after the initial shock of what they wittnessed the chans of ASSHOLES ASSHOLES start up


SoD exits the arena as parramedics and the like rush to check on slayer..
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The Jokes Over
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