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 Ya Dont Get It

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PostSubject: Ya Dont Get It   Sat Dec 08, 2007 3:22 pm

The Titan Tron kicks into life as SoDs music starts playing along with there pyrotechnic show all members of SoD walk down the ramp towards the ring.

The crowd chants of VOTE CAM and DOWNER can be heard amongst the BOOs

Maddog brings the mic to his mouth and starts his rant....

Commentator1: Do we have to listen to this garbage? Nothing these bunch of thugs have to say interests me or the people.

Comentator2: You are going to get yourelf into trouble with that kind of talk. Maddog looks like he is about to explode besides what he has to say is proberly very important..

Maddog: Ok you Nimrods it has came to my attention that a few of you guys out back are wanting tital shots. Well incase you havent noticed the SoD run things around these parts and intill my good freind Backyard Brawler gets his tital shot none of you other clowns will get 1. So get back into your boxes...Now Downer and CAM i know you 2 are V..E..R..Y S..L..O..W O..N T..H..E U..P..T..A..K..E so in laymens terms me and my BOYS are in charge and you downer and slayer are going to get what is coming to you.
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Posts : 85
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PostSubject: Re: Ya Dont Get It   Sat Dec 08, 2007 8:03 pm

The Crowd starts op with the chant of ASSHOLES ASSHOLES

Maddog: Now onto buissness again myself and UG where robbed by the judges never has myself or UG been put down for the 123. Now the 1st that happened we could overlook such a desision but twice HAHAHA there has to be somthing going on. So after some investigation it was revealed that slayers brother was on the panel well it was no surprise to us so roll the footage..

The Titan Tron flickers into life it shows UG and covell standing in a deserted corridor on eitherside of a door muffeled voices can be heard inside. The door opens as slayer and his brother come out talking and happy intill they see UG and covell. Where they are set apond and knocked out UG and covell then load them into a clothes trolly and wheel them off.

The crowd is shocked into silence at the revilation

Commentator1: Ohh my this is just sick whats happened? Where are they? Somebody should call the authoritys.

Comentator2: Well Maddog did warn everyone that the SoD should not be taken lightly guess he decided to take out the trash again.

Commentator1: This is no laugthing matter,They have kidnapped the GM and his Brother.

Maddog: Very soon you will witness what happens if you cross the SoD Cam and your Toady Downer you have tryed my patiance slayer and his brother will be put down then we will concentrate on destroying you. As of now the jokes over...

The chants of ASSHOLES ASSHOLES start up

Commentator1: This cant be good what are they going to do? I feel for Cam and Downer they are doing what other wrestlers never had the courage to do.

Commentator2: Well they have crossed Maddogs path, He has been telling everyone since he got here and i dont think he finds Cams and Downers jokes very funny at all and i dont either.

Commentator1: Maddogs EGO is bigger then everyone in BWE put togther we seen them lose not once but twice..

Commentator2: Hey they were not pinned and slayers brother was a judge sounds fishy to me.

Commentator1: You really want to be invited to there next party dont you?

Commentator2: I call it as i see it, Puppies oh sweet sweet puppies
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Ya Dont Get It
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