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 Calling out CAM and DOWNER

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PostSubject: Calling out CAM and DOWNER   Sun Dec 02, 2007 7:24 pm

The Arena goes Dark the Titan Tron starts flickering into life as SoDs clip and music starts playing, As there pyros go off all members of SoD can be seen walking onto the ramp accompanied by Nina.

They are greeted by a roar of abuse and boos from the crowd as they make there way to the ring...

Maddog grabbing the mic starts to speak. I HAVE A FEW THINGS THAT I WANT TO ADDRESS.

The crowd starts chanting Maddog sucks Maddog sucks..

1stly Myself and Ug Demand a Rematch and the judges of that last match be fired and replaced...

The crowd BOOs louder.......

2ndly CAM i dont know what your playing at or what Trash compactor you found slayer in but the SoD will not go away..

The Crowd start chanting ASSHOLE ASSHOLES ASSHOLES rubbish starts being throughen into the ring....

3rdly DOWNER your unprovoked assault of HELLBOY will not go unpunished me and the boys here have a little surprise instore for you.

Maddog looks like he is about to explode..


This just makes the crowd reaction intensify.....

Reply from CAM Downer slayer.....
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PostSubject: Re: Calling out CAM and DOWNER   Sun Dec 02, 2007 10:20 pm

Maddog Waits, the crowd chants continue, along with the infamous chant MADDOGS SCARED

Maddog temper rising : Right ! Nobody has the guts to come to the ring ! We will drag you down here !

With that he signals the rest of Sod: Right lets get them !

As they are in the process of exiting the ring the ramp pyro technics fire into life, white smoke covers the ramp, and a voice proclaiming HE IS BACK sounds though the arena speakers

As the smoke clears the crowd start screaming in joy as they recognise their GM Slayer, flanked on either side by Cam and the Downer

Slayer holds up a hand and waits for the crowd to quieten : I strongly suggest you stay exactly where you are Sod...One more step and you are all Suspended !!

Maddog and the rest of SoD stop, stunned by the words of the returning Slayer

Slayer : I will tell SoD once, and only once. I CALL THE SHOTS ROUND HERE ! AND IF I DECIDE SoD WILL VANISH WITH NO TRACE !!

The crowd scream their approval at this idea and a chant of SACK SoD springs up

Cam raises his mike : I will say this and I am sure our GM will agree, Maddog, Ug, IF not when, on the rematch.... You will have to prove yourself worthy! Cause we all saw you lose !!

Downer growls down his mike : Hey Dog ! Hellboy got what he deserved, and you got a surprise for me ? Good I love surprises !! Bring it unless of cause you want to run again ??

Maddog screams out in sheer anger, and has to be restrained by the rest of SoD from running straight up the ramp and attacking the Downer, The crowd scream in appreciation of the spectacle they are witnessing

Slayer smiles evilly : Maddog !! Calm down before you bust something ! To the rest of SoD ! Consider your futures ! I know one of you already is ! but the rest of you should also ! ...... Next week will show you exactly the way I run things !!

With that Slayer salutes the crowd, then as they chant his name he makes his exit, followed by a laughing Cam and a grim faced Downer, leaving a frustrated Maddog starring at each member of SoD, knowing that 1 of them was a potential traitor ............
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PostSubject: Re: Calling out CAM and DOWNER   Mon Dec 03, 2007 7:10 am

Nina seeing that Maddog is about to explode into an uncontrolerable rage grabs the mic while UG and covell struggle to restrain Maddog..

The crowd enjoying Maddogs predicament chant louder then they ever have.....

Nina: Whoa there boys the tetestorone levels are starting to shoot through the roof right now. As the manager of SoD any matchs must have my stamp of approval and since both partys are at odds i have a suggestion that should make both partys happy.

The crowd chants have become demeaning towards Nina which inturn makes Maddog even more angery...

Well since Cam is the instigator of bringing slayer back from the dead how about some tag team action lets say cam and slayer vs Maddog and covell unless you both are scared...

Maddog grabs the mic the crowd chants reach deafing proportions of MADDOG HAS RABIES MADDOG HAS RABIES along with a lot of CENSERED material...


REPLYS from cam downer slayer basher or any member of SoD.
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PostSubject: Re: Calling out CAM and DOWNER   Mon Dec 03, 2007 9:23 am

im a big fan of this storyline so far and i hope that it can keep going
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PostSubject: Re: Calling out CAM and DOWNER   Mon Dec 03, 2007 11:53 am

Commentator 1 : Well what a night ! WHAT A NIGHT ! Who would have believed Slayer would reappear ? And that Cam had never left !

Commentator 2 : Whoa ! Or as our returning GM would say Calm down before you break something !

Commentator 1 : I just cant believe what we are seeing here !! ..... You must be excited by it all ?

Commentator 2 : Of course Iím excited, Iím just trying to straighten it all out .......

Commentator 1 : Well thatís easy ! Our GM pretended to have left and created a power struggle situation between Cam and Hellboy. Cam and the Downer decided to push it even further by appearing to split, not only as a tag team, but also as friends. Hellboy recruits SoD. Slayer returns. Hellboy gets sacked ! Sod still think they are in charge ! There ! Easy !

Commentator 2 : How about the unanswered questions .... Will our GM team with Cam ? Will the Basher team up with the Downer again after their last tag team effort ? Has Covell forgiven Maddog and the rest of SoD for leaving him last time ? Is there a traitor in the SoD ??

Commentator 1 : All good questions ! I have no answers for you there .... All I can say is ....I cant wait for next weeks show !!!
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PostSubject: Re: Calling out CAM and DOWNER   Mon Dec 03, 2007 5:55 pm

The cameras pan down o corridor where Alex Pressman is standing by a door and 2 burly thugs...

Alex: Hi there i am Alex Pressman reporter for BWE i am currently outside SoDs dressing room where a private party is underway, I have not been able to get inside but there has been reports that 2 BWE superstars have been addmitted i dont have any confirmation of names as of yet but i am hopeing to find out soon.

commentater 1: Alex do you think it has anything to do with Maddogs threat of a surprise that he has instore for Downer?

Alex: I am not quite sure there but there has been a lot of women seen entering the changeroom so i think they must be celebrating somthing.

commentator 2: Did you say puppies? wheres my invite? i love the SoD i think they should have the power. Now look what you have done you upset them now i didnt get an invite.

commentator 1: how is it my fault? The SoD are the lowest form of life in the BWE.

commentator 2: But they got puppies..

The door can be seen opening and Maddog and UG emerge with a women under each arm following them out is Backyard Brawler a women under each arm as well.

Alex: Err Maddog who else have you got in there? Is the brawler the newest member of SoD?

Maddog: HAHAHA Wouldnt you like 2 know Brawler is our unofficial supporter and we decided to reward him SoD style. As for who else is in here with us HAHAHA you will find out when the time is right.

Maddog turns to Brawler.

The SoD will allways have your back my freind you can call on us anytime.

Maddog and UG turn and reenter there party....

Alex: well thats all i have guys.

commentator 1: well guess we will have to wait and see then

commentator 2 *Getting out of his chair* maybe if i appologise Maddog will let me in.
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PostSubject: Re: Calling out CAM and DOWNER   Mon Dec 03, 2007 9:33 pm

Commentator 1 holding his hand up to his earpiece : Hold on there ! Before you leave us ! I have just received word that we have a situation developing ! Can we get back to Alex Pressman ?

Commentator 2 : Whatís happening ? More Puppies ?

commentator 1 : Wait ! Yes ! We have feed .........Alex whatís Happening ?

The scene cuts back to the corridor and SoDs dressing room, the banshee wail of the fire alarm is ringing out, along with the sounds of girls screaming, intermixed with the sound of muffled male swearing

Alex : All hell seems to have broken out here.. I donít know what yet ..... I will see if I can get some answers

As he reaches for the door it suddenly springs open, a gaggle of soaking wet beauties rush out screaming and screeching in fear , followed a soaked Ug and Covell

UG : Ladies ! .... Ladies ! Donít run, it is just water ...we could take our cloths off and dance in it.....Donít run away !

Alex grabs Covells arm as he is passing : Whatís going on in there ? I thought it was a party !!

Covell : No man ! Like the noise started and the sprinkler system came on ... We got leave man .. thereís a fire man !!

With that Covell turns and hurriedly follows the trail of water left by the screaming girls and the pursuing Ug

Commentator 1 : Alex can you get a look in the dressing room ?? Can you tell who the mystery man is ?

Just as Alex moves the open doorway it is filled by a furious looking Maddog, water dripping from him, who blocks the entrance completely

Maddog : No go Pressman ! ... I donít care whatís happening ... You are not looking in here !

Alex : Can you tell me whatís happening ? Iím about to interview the Brawler about where he stands, when suddenly you have a fire in your dressing room ?

Maddog : A fire in my dressing room ! Are you stupid or what ?

With that a shout sounds from further down the corridor, the camera pans to show Covell rushing back to the dressing room

Covell : Hey ! No worries .. There is no fire ! its ok !

Alex : Err yes ! we figured that one ... Anyway Maddog as ...

Maddog : Shut up Pressman ! Covell ! Whereís the girls ?

Covell : As far as I know they are still running, with UG still chasing them !

Maddog: So why are you here and not bringing them back ? ... Must I do all this myself ? ........ Guard this door ! No one gets in !

Covell : Well err, you see, err ! I got given this note and was told it was for you .......

With that Covell hands over a folded piece of paper to Maddog

Maddog reads the note, throws it to the floor, then slams Covell into the wall, so annoyed that flecks of white spittle are flying from his lips


Covell : Hey I was just told to pass it to you ! I donít know anything boss !

Maddog then releases Covell, turns to the camera and snarls : YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY ? YOU THINK YOU CAN PLAY GAMES WITH ME AND WIN ? YOU GOT IT COMMING PUNK ! ... AND ITS COMMING SOON !!

Maddog then punches the wall and struts back into the dressing room, followed by a stunned looking Covell, the door slams behind them

Alex : Well Iím still not sure exactly whatís happening here, but it seems like someone is very annoyed !

The Backyard Brawler reaches down for the note that Maddog had thrown away, he opens the note, reads it. A smile spreads across his scarred face. He then turns to Alex Pressman

Brawler : Well, I give him 10 for effort and 10 for effect

He hands the note to Alex then leaves via the corridor, the sound of his chuckling fades away slowly

Commentator 2 : Well ! What does it say !

Alex opens the letter, the camera pans to reveal the contents : EVERYONE LOVES SURPRISES ! HOPE YOU LOVE MINE ! HOPE IT DOESNT GET YOU DOWN !!!

Commentator 1 : I think this might FINALY push Maddog completely over the edge ! The repercussions could be enormous !

Commentator 2 : I CANT WAIT !! .... lets hope they bring the puppies back too ...........
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PostSubject: Re: Calling out CAM and DOWNER   

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Calling out CAM and DOWNER
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